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About us

When on holiday in South-Africa in 2007, for the first time in my life I saw a stretch tent. And it blew me away straight away. By an amazing conincidence I had become the co-owner of a tent rental company earlier that year. That of course explains why my attention was drawn towards this remarkable tent. However, after thorough investigation and first experiences it appeared that the quality of the stretch tents from South-Africa left rather a lot to be desired. They were not waterproof (why should they be, in South-Africa?) and European fire resistance classifications, regulations and rules were not particularly familiar territory for South-African suppliers of these tents.

The benefits of working with Eurostretchtents

  • In-house production in state-of-the-art workshop in Europe.
  • Fire safe stretch tents with required FR certificates.
  • One year full warranty on your stretch tent.
  • Tent books for the most popular dimensions.
  • Stretch tents in all qualities, sizes and colours.
  • Always available for advice and support.

The development of our stretch tent fabric

We then started assessing the specifications and demands a European stretch tent ought to meet. In close cooperation with a well-known producer we succeeded in developing a fabric, which we now call EUROSTRETCH PRO. This sounds a bit less complicated than it appeared to be in practice. After some four years (2013) our product was ready to be marketed. In 2015 we decided to separate the rental from the sales activities. Eurostretchtents Company continued as an independent developer and producer of top quality stretch tents.

The proven Eurostretch production method

From that moment on the company I now run with two business partners is called Eurostretch; we focus totally on the development and production of stretch tents. EUROSTRETCH PRO was further developed and is now available in three FR classified fabric qualities: M2, M1 and B1. Because there is still a demand, we now also produce stretch tents of the heavier fabric the South-Africans use to make their tents, applying our proven manufacturing methods. Of course these Eurostretch tents also comply with the European fire safety (M2 and B1) and waterproofness requirements.

Nowadays we produce stretch tents for a steadily growing customer base in The Netherlands (tent rental companies, event organisers, restaurants/pubs etc.) and far beyond. You can find our stretch tents in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Bdelgium, Spain and the United Kingdom. And it feels like we have only just started…! Wanna know more? Ring (+31 6 51082800) or mail us.