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Frequently asked questions

You do not a stretch tent just like that. You go for balance between top quality and competitive pricing. We can offer you exactly that. Eurostretch is the European producer and distributor of top quality, affordable stretch tents. That is why choosing a Eurostretchtent is the right decision. However, we can imagine you have all kinds of questions. On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not amongst them? Please, do not hesitate to contact us!

What fabric are Eurostretch tents made of?

Our stretch tents are made of the 3-ply, 4-way Eurostretch PRO technical textile. This fabric was developed on the basis of our specifications in close cooperation with a distinguished European producer. The FR (fire resistance) component is processed in the coating, applied to both sides of the fabric: EUROSTRETCH PRO M2 is M2 certified. EUROSTRETCH PRO M1 is M1 certified. Especially for Germany we offer a EUROSTRETCH PRO B1 certified fabric. The FR component is an ingredient of the coating itself, so cannot wash out, which would be the case with impregnation agents. A Eurostretch tent never has to be FR treated again. By the way, we also produce quality stretch tents of the heavy material, which characterises South African stretch tents (EUROSTRETCH AFRICAN B1).

What sizes are possible?

Eurostretch tents are available in all imaginable size combinations to a maximum size of 20x25 (500 square meters). Eurostretch tents can be connected with our gutter system, resulting in the possibility huge areas. Connections can be made using our special connectors and with the help of our gutter or sidewall system.

Can Eurostretch tents be printed on?

Eurostretch tents can be printed in parts or fully, e.g. with a company logo or a picture. The print is full colour, waterproof and resistant to stretch. Ask for our special pricing.

Why are our seams high frequency welded?

In order to guarantee 100% waterproofness, we weld our seams/joints. We apply the high frequency (HF) soft wedge technology, giving your stretch tent an incredible top quality look and feel. HF Welded seams are stronger than the fabric itself!

What are Tent or Build Books for?

A growing number of authorities and festival organisers ask for FR (fire resistance) classifications/certificates, but also for complete Tent Books. The static calculations and practical instructions in a Tent Book assure you of safe and reliable building procedures and methods. Our Tent Books are available free of charge for inspection or consultation by our customers, who can also decide to buy a Tent Book for a specific size or all sizes. We offer Tent Books for the following sizes: 7,5x10, 10x12, 10x15, 10x20 and 20x20.

Where and how can I apply Eurostretch tents?

Our stretch tents can be used for a variety of applications. Tent rental companies offer our tents as part of their product portfolio. Restaurants and pubs cover their terraces with our stretch tents. Apart from our ‘standard’ tents we produce special shapes and customised canopies (e.g. for trade shows, presentations, exhibitions or semi-permanent pavilions), we also develop concepts for specific markets. Are you thinking of a specific application, do contact us! There might be more possible than you think.

Eurostretchtenten zijn kwalitatief hoogwaardig, brandveilig en bestand tegen alle weersinvloeden.


Eurostretch levert aan veel klanten in binnen- en buitenland.


Een stretchtent van  Eurostrecht is een prima beschutting tegen de zon.


Een stretchten is ideaal als overkapping van een feestje.


Eurostretch maakt stretchtenten voor terrasoverkappingen.


Voor ieder evenement heeft Eurostretch een stretchten.


Wij verkopen stretchtenten voor bijvoorbeeld bruiloften.


Onder een stretchtent terrasoverkapping van Eurosctretch zit u heerlijk!


Een stretchtent overkapping van Eurostretch is een prima beschutting tegen de zon.


Eurostretch produceert en verkoopt stretchtenten voor evenementen.


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How are you going to use your stretch tent?

Please check our gallery for numerous examples of applications for happy customers. The options are limitless. A great idea or interested in a Eurostretchtent? Request a quote! Would you rather first talk about the possibilities? Ring +31 6 51 08 28 00 or send us an email.