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With passion for stretch tents

With passion for stretch tents

Every day we produce beautiful stretch tents in our modern workshop in Terborg. Our advisors who give personal advice for your tent, our production staff who weld the tents and take care of all finishes: everyone is an important link in the production.

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  • 2007 - How it all started

    During a visit to Namibia, Eurostretch’s founder was introduced to his first stretch tent. He was immediately sold! As a partner in a Dutch tent rental business, he saw plenty of market potential for these tents.

  • 2008 - Sale of African tents

    The first tents were purchased in South Africa to be launched on the Dutch market. The tents were an instant success and sold well. However, the African tents didn’t meet European standards and were not waterproof. Sales were suspended, and the company started to research and develop an in-house tent fabric solution.

  • 2013 - In-house tent fabric

    After several years, they succeeded in creating a tent fabric that met all the required standards. This fabric was fire-retardant certified and could be sold throughout Europe.

  • 2015 - Independent business

    The sale of the stretch tents and the rental aspect of the business was split up. Eurostretch was registered at the Chamber of Commerce as an independent business. They also relocated from a farm shed in the Achterhoek countryside to a state-of-the-art workshop in Doetinchem.

  • 2016 - Eurostretch goes international

    Eurostretch starts delivering their products to Germany. They also set up their own distributors in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Expansion continued in the years that followed; the stretch tents were sold in increasing countries throughout Europe.

  • 2017 - The right address for customised tents

    In 2017, Eurostretch started offering customised tent services in addition to their standard range of tent sizes. Do you have a tree that goes straight through the middle of the tent, or are you looking for a unique shape or solution? No problem!

  • 2018 - Eurostretch on the English market

    Eurostretch partners up with a distributor in the United Kingdom to better serve its customers.

  • 2020 - Eurostretch tents on the Iberian Peninsula

    Looking to buy a Eurostretch tent in Spain? As of 2020, that can be easily arranged through their Spanish distributor.

  • 2021 - Eurostretch’s next steps

    In early 2021, Eurostretch becomes a sister company of Donselaar Tenten, the leading specialist in temporary accommodation rentals. This combining of forces opens up a world of opportunity for the future.

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