Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Purchasing a stretch tent is not a spur of the moment decision. Eurostretch produces and supplies the highest quality stretch tents. That’s why a Eurostretch tent is the best choice for you. But we can imagine that you may have questions about our products. On this page, we will answer your most frequently asked questions. Is your question not amongst them? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

What fabric are the stretch tents made of?

The stretch tents are made of single-coated PVC canvas. The canvas weighs 740 grams/m2.

Why are the seams high frequency welded?

We weld the seams to ensure that the tents are 100% waterproof. We do this using a high-frequency soft-wedge welding technique that gives your tent that high-quality look and finish. The seams are even stronger than the fabric itself.

Which formats does Eurostretch supply?

Eurostretch tents are available in any imaginable format, up to 20 x 20 metres (400 square metres). You can connect Eurostretch tents for even larger surfaces. The tents are linked using special connectors, so our tents can be joined together or attached to a building.

Can you print Eurostretch tents?

Certainly! The fabric can be treated with an all-over or partial print, such as a supplied company logo or image. The print is full colour, waterproof and stretch-proof. Prints can be applied for an additional fee.

What can a stretch tent be used for?

Our stretch tents can be used for a variety of applications. Tent rental companies offer our tents as part of their product portfolio. Restaurant and café owners use our tents as a canopy for their outdoor patios. We also produce customised tents and canopies to size for events such as outdoor fairs and semi-permanent pavilions, and we develop our own concepts for specific markets. If you have a particular application in mind, let us know. You’d be surprised at the possibilities!

Is it possible to seal off the sides of the tent?

The stretch tent is a flexible canopy; the sides are usually left open. It is possible to mount one side to the floor. This means that there is less space available underneath the tent, about 2.5 metres.

Can I buy flooring with my stretch tent?

We have quality flooring available for our stretch tents. We can deliver timber flooring from stock. Other types of flooring are available upon request.

Can I place a stretch tent on any surface?

You can place a stretch tent directly on the ground or on paved surfaces.

Can I set up my own stretch tent?

After you purchase your stretch tent, you can choose to set it up yourself or have this done for you by our assembly teams. But you can certainly do it yourself with the help of our clear instruction manuals!

What kind of warranty do I have on my stretch tent?

If you buy a stretch tent with Eurostretch, you will have a full one-year warranty on your tent! The welding seams even carry a two-year warranty. If you have any questions about your stretch tent after purchase, you are always welcome to contact us.

Is there a way to improve the lifespan of my tent?

Our stretch tents are made from the finest materials and will remain striking and beautiful for many years to come. However, you can increase the lifespan of your tent by washing the fabric once a year. Would you like to learn more about cleaning the tent? Contact us.

When do I need a tent book or an engineering book?

Government agencies and festival organisers are increasingly asking for fire-retardant certificates, but also for entire engineering tent books. The static calculations and practical instructions included in a tent book ensure safe and reliable building procedures and methods. Tent books are available for our customers for an additional fee.