Eurostretch - Your partner for professional flextents

Eurostretch - Your partner for professional flextents

At Eurostretch, we understand the needs of tent rental companies, catering businesses and campsites. As a leading European manufacturer of flex tents, we offer a wide range of high-quality, durable stretch tents. Buy directly from the manufacturer and experience the difference in quality and service.

Why a flex tent from Eurostretch?

European production

All our flex tents are produced in our workshop in Terborg, the Netherlands. The workshop is adjacent to our head office, so we have short lines of communication and guarantee exceptional quality control and craftsmanship.

Buying directly from the manufacturer

Straight from the manufacturer to you, without third-party intervention. This guarantees the best price and direct access to our experts, who will be happy to provide you with personal advice.

Standard sizes or special shapes

From standard sizes to specially designed shapes, our flex tents are perfectly adaptable to your specific requirements. A flex tent can be developed for every location.

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A flex tent in all sizes and colours

A flex tent in all sizes and colours

The great thing about our flex tents is their great versatility. The tents are available in any size and in any colour.

If you are looking for a small tent, we will produce one. But a flex tent is also suitable for covering many hundreds of square metres. By linking several tents together, we can cover any desired area. In our workshop, we create a tent in the colour that best suits your future use. Of course, we can always advise you on this.

One year warranty on each flex tent

At Eurostretch, we deliver high-quality tents that have a long lifespan. In addition, we offer a full first-year warranty on our tents. So you can fully enjoy your investment without any worries. But even after the first year, of course, our tents stand like a house. Only the best materials are good enough for our tents. And that is reflected in the appearance of our tents, their long lifespan and high safety.

Safe tents for every purpose

Safety is an important requirement when using tents. Naturally, our tents comply with the set requirements. In addition, the tent cloth is fire-retardant, which makes the tents fireproof.

In many cases, a tent book is required for permit applications. That is why we have a tent book for all the most requested formats, containing all the technical information about the tent(s). Thanks to the high quality of our flex tents, your guests will soon be able to enjoy carefree in an atmospheric environment.

Safe tents for every purpose
Eurostretch delivers the complete picture

Eurostretch delivers the complete picture

Our team is happy to help you from the first orientation on a flex tent. Anyone can come to us for advice on a suitable tent. From tent rental companies, event organisations to private individuals. We have extensive experience in supplying tents for various purposes. In addition to tailor-made advice, we deliver a custom-made tent. And after production in our workshop, we erect it on site for you if you wish. So you are completely relieved of all your worries when purchasing an atmospheric flex tent.

Discover our high-quality tent canvas

To make our tents as robust as possible, we have developed our own tent canvas. We use coated technical fabric for this purpose. In addition, we choose not to stitch the seams, but to weld them high-frequency. This makes the seams even stronger than the tent fabric itself and 100% waterproof. Our African B1 has different qualities, making it suitable for any application. Whether you are going to use it as a terrace canopy, festival tent or as an extra atmosphere in the garden, this canvas is perfect for it.

Delivery throughout Europe

Delivery throughout Europe

Although our branch is located in Terborg (NL), Eurostretch does not limit its services to the Dutch borders. You can count on us for the purchase of a flex tent anywhere in Europe. Are you looking for a reliable supplier for one or more flex tents from abroad? Eurostretch is ready to provide you with expert advice and deliver high-quality tents, wherever you are in Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When the stretch tent is assembled using our own materials and following our instructions, the tent can remain standing up to wind force 8. For locations close to the water or open areas, wind force 7 applies. The tents can also withstand peak winds of 113k/mh.

Of course, we have beautiful floors available for our stretch tents. We can provide decking floors, but this is only available on request. Other floors are available upon request.

A stretch tent can be placed directly on the ground or on stones. If placed on a paved surface, you will need load-bearing blocks weighing 1080kg, but there may be other possibilities. In such cases, we always request a photo of the location to assess the options.

More and more governments and festival organizers require fire safety certificates as well as complete tent books. The static calculations and practical instructions in such a tent book provide you with the assurance of a safe, reliable construction and working method. The tent book is available for our customers at an additional cost.