Quality stretch tents for your rental assortment

Choose a tent made to size

Choose a tent made to size

The stretch tent is a popular tent for weddings, parties, and festivals. As a tent rental specialist, you will undoubtedly receive frequent requests for a stylish canopy.

  • Direct delivery from stock is often available
  • Popular canopy for events
  • Includes all accessories, such as tent pegs
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More than 60 tent rental agencies experience the benefits of a stretch tent

Increasing demand for our tents
At Donselaar Tenten, we see the demand for stretch tents growing every day. We are pleased to have a number of them in stock now. This allows us to quickly provide customers with a stretch tent in all colors.
Daan Lancee, sales at Donselaar Tenten
Perfect canopy for weddings.
For my company De Hof in Renswoude, we were looking for a unique canopy. Not only can weddings be held under our stretch tents, but they are also used as a hospitality terrace. Super!
Jan-Egbert Bos - Restaurant de Hof
The tent is flexible, just like Eurostretch itself.
Since 2018, we at Himmeltak have been using Eurostretch. We are very satisfied with the flexibility of both the tent and Eurostretch itself. We look confidently towards the future together!
Tommy & Jeske Groffen, Himmeltak Exclusive Tent Rental

Why a stretch tent from Eurostretch?

Short delivery times

Our tents are produced in the Netherlands, which means that we can deliver the tents quickly and easily.

A stylish canopy for every event

Our tents are flexible, so they will always be able to meet the wishes of our customers.

Ideal for every location

We make standard tents, but we can also make tents to order and produce special formats.

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New sidewalls

This past year we have been busy developing our sidewalls. These walls allow events to go on all year round. You also easily unzip them for an open experience.

  • More stable through side posts and beams
  • Unique sleek sidewall
  • Year-round use
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New sidewalls

Set up your stretch tent
In 6 steps

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The stretch tent is a flexible cover that normally remains open on the sides. However, it is now possible to provide the tent with our own developed side walls. We are happy to provide more information about these side walls, which can also be viewed in our showroom. It is also possible to lower one side, reducing the available space under the tent to approximately 2.5 meters.

Eurostretchtents are available in all conceivable size combinations up to 20 x 20 meters (400 square meters). You can connect Eurostretchtents, allowing you to cover large areas. Connecting is done with special connectors that can link our tents together or to a building.

After purchasing a stretch tent, you have the option to set it up yourself or have our setup teams do it for you. With the help of our clear setup instructions, it is certainly possible to set it up yourself. It is not rocket science; you just need to know the correct order!

Our stretch tents are made of the best materials and remain a beautiful eye-catcher for years, provided that the materials are handled properly. You can do a few things to extend the lifespan of the tent. Our 740 g/m2 fabric can be easily cleaned with a pressure washer. It is also possible to have your tent professionally washed by us. Want to know more about washing the tents? Please contact us.

The stretch tents are made of one-sided PVC-coated fabric processed with technical textiles. We have two available qualities, 550g/m2 and 740g/m2.

An investment with a high return

Are you not sure whether buying a stretch tent is a smart investment for you? Let us reassure you. The stretch tent has become a steady trend in various branches, guaranteeing that you can rent out your stretch tents throughout the year. Therefore, renting out stretch tents is an investment that will be sure to pay for itself.

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An investment with a high return
What type of stretch tent are you looking to rent out?

What type of stretch tent are you looking to rent out?

As a rental agency, it’s important to anticipate the needs of your target group. What are current stretch tent trends? Sand-coloured stretch tents are a favourite with everyone, but having a bright colour in your range makes you stand out from the competition. Would you like us to advise you on the possibilities? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts.

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