Have a tent fully customized

Custom tents of Dutch origin

Custom tents of Dutch origin

In addition to standard sizes, we can fully custom manufacture any tent. Our own engineers are happy to look at the possibilities of your location.

  • Fast delivery times
  • Custom made always high quality
  • Possibility to visit the showroom first
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What is the difference between custom and standard size?

Our custom tents are designed according to customer requirements. If you choose a common size, it is often available directly from stock. A custom tent is produced directly. Our engineers are happy to look at the possibilities for your location. We always strive to deliver the highest quality and comply with the safety requirements of the tent.


What can you expect from us

Each stretch tent is put together with care for you. Together with our draftsmen we look for the right shapes for the stretch tent.

One year full guarantee

We like to think with you in making the right choice

Fire safe stretch tents with required certificates and delivered in accordance with tent book directive

Fast delivery times, even with customization

Compose your stretch tent.

Set up your stretch tent
In 6 steps

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The stretch tent is a flexible cover that normally remains open on the sides. However, it is now possible to provide the tent with our own developed side walls. We are happy to provide more information about these side walls, which can also be viewed in our showroom. It is also possible to lower one side, reducing the available space under the tent to approximately 2.5 meters.

Eurostretchtents are available in all conceivable size combinations up to 20 x 20 meters (400 square meters). You can connect Eurostretchtents, allowing you to cover large areas. Connecting is done with special connectors that can link our tents together or to a building.

After purchasing a stretch tent, you have the option to set it up yourself or have our setup teams do it for you. With the help of our clear setup instructions, it is certainly possible to set it up yourself. It is not rocket science; you just need to know the correct order!

Our stretch tents are made of the best materials and remain a beautiful eye-catcher for years, provided that the materials are handled properly. You can do a few things to extend the lifespan of the tent. Our 740 g/m2 fabric can be easily cleaned with a pressure washer. It is also possible to have your tent professionally washed by us. Want to know more about washing the tents? Please contact us.