Stylish newcomer; the brown stretch tent

Order now our new brown stretch tent(s) from 500 m²

Order now our new brown stretch tent(s) from 500 m²

Are you looking for a unique stretch tent in your rental range? Eurostretch introduces the brown stretch tent! This colour is not available anywhere else and will give your range that little bit extra.

Choosing a brown tent brings numerous advantages. The neutral colour perfectly suits any decor and environment, from rustic outdoor locations to chic city events.

Waarom een bruine stretchtent kopen bij Eurostretch?

Unique colour

Brown is a timeless and versatile colour that exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication. It suits a wide range of events perfectly, from intimate weddings to large-scale corporate events.

Quality first

Our stretch tents are made of high-quality tent fabric that can withstand various weather conditions. This guarantees a long service life and excellent protection for your customers.

Own production

Our stretch tents are produced in our workshop in Terborg, the Netherlands. This allows us to ensure quality in every step of the process.

Will you also choose a brown stretchtent?

Will you also choose a brown stretchtent?

Our brown stretch tent combines a chic look with functionality. The tents are easy to set up and take down yourself, making them ideal for quick changeovers between events. In addition, they are designed to offer flexibility and safety regardless of weather conditions.

  • Material: High-quality, waterproof tent canvas
  • Colour options: Chocolate brown
  • Durability: Resistant to UV rays and mould

Popular sizes

15x20 metres - 300 m²

Around 300 people can stand or 200 people can sit under this stretch tent in dinner set-up.

10x20 metres - 200 m²

About 200 people can stand under this stretch tent and 134 people can sit in dinner set-up.

10x15 metres - 150 m²

Around 150 people can stand under this stretch tent and 100 people can be seated in dinner set-up.

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Request a quote for a brown stretch tent now! Complete the form below and our team will contact you as soon as possible. Please note; the minimum order for this colour is 500 m2. This is, for example, a 15x20 metre stretch tent and a 10x20 metre stretch tent.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When the stretch tent is assembled using our own materials and following our instructions, the tent can remain standing up to wind force 8. For locations close to the water or open areas, wind force 7 applies. The tents can also withstand peak winds of 113k/mh.

The stretch tents are made of one-sided PVC-coated fabric processed with technical textiles. We have two available qualities, 550g/m2 and 740g/m2.

Eurostretchtents are available in all conceivable size combinations up to 20 x 20 meters (400 square meters). You can connect Eurostretchtents, allowing you to cover large areas. Connecting is done with special connectors that can link our tents together or to a building.

After purchasing a stretch tent, you have the option to set it up yourself or have our setup teams do it for you. With the help of our clear setup instructions, it is certainly possible to set it up yourself. It is not rocket science; you just need to know the correct order!