Buying stretch tent fabric; here's what you need to know!

The most important part of a stretch tent is the fabric! This is because it gives the tent that wonderful characteristic look. Because stretch canvas is slightly elastic, it can be stretched in several ways. So you can always erect your tent exactly the way you want. This means that you can set it up exactly the way you want, whether you are looking for a tent for business events or for private use.

But, what makes our tent cloth so special? Let us take you through the qualities of our high-quality stretch tent canvas, so you know exactly what you are buying.

All the ins and outs about your stretch tent fabric

All the ins and outs about your stretch tent fabric

If you buy a tent from Eurostretch, it will be made of the best materials. We also choose the highest quality for the tent canvas. Therefore, when you buy one of our tents, you can count on:

  • Single-sided PVC coated canvas
  • Weight: 740g/m²
  • Certified fireproof
  • High-frequency welded seams for 100% waterproofness
  • [Optional] Personalise the canvas with full-colour printing
  • 1 year full warranty on the tent
  • 2-year warranty on welded seams

In 2023, we have produced

Stretch tents

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Buy stretch tent fabric to suit your needs

Buy stretch tent fabric to suit your needs

Looking for tent canvas that meets your exact needs? At Eurostretch, the choice is vast! Whether you are looking for just the fabric or a complete tent with pole construction, we can supply it. Choose from a wide range of colours and shapes, and personalise your stretch tent in detail.

Need your tent canvas fast? Many of our popular options are available directly from stock. Stock tents can be shipped within 48 hours. Should you have any special requirements, such as a unique shape or size that is not available as standard, we are ready to prepare a no-obligation quotation. At Eurostretch, we make sure you get the tent canvas that not only meets your needs, but is also delivered quickly and efficiently, with or without pole construction.

Tent fabric colour chart

If you have decided to buy a stretch tent, one of the first choices you will make is the colour of the tent. Will you go for a more neutral colour or can it go bold? Of course, you have every choice to order a tent in your desired colours! We have tents in the most popular colours ivory white, sand, black, taupe, green and platinum grey in stock. If you want a tent in a special colour, you can easily request a quotation. So you can easily order a tent with pink, orange, blue or red canvas.



Platinum grey


Ivory white


Other colours on request

Why a stretch tent from Eurostretch

Fast delivery

We make our stretch tent ourselves in our own workshop, here in the Netherlands. As a result, we have short lines and can quickly transport your stretch tent.

Unique finishing

In our workshop, each stretch tent is given a unique finish by our production staff. This allows us to guarantee high quality.

Suitable for all locations

Wherever you want your stretch tent, a lot is possible! We will be happy to create a stretch tent that is completely suited to your location.

Self-assembly within two hours

Self-assembly within two hours

Assembling a stretch tent has never been easier. With our clear and easy-to-follow manual, you will set up the tent, with two people, in just two hours. Our manual includes six clear steps that effortlessly guide you through the process, from unpacking the canvas to securing the last peg.

Get the canvas of your stretch tent printed

Do you have a beautiful company logo you would like to have printed on your stretch tent? Or would you like to enhance your tent with a special image? Then choose to have the canvas of your stretch tent printed. The canvas can be printed partially or completely. The print is full colour, waterproof and resistant to stretching. This will make your tent completely unique! Questions about getting your tent printed or want to know more about the possibilities?

A safe tent for your purposes

Above all, it is important that your tent is safe. That is why we always choose the best materials and ensure that our tents meet all European fire and safety requirements. In addition, the tents are approved according to DIN standard 4102B1.

How do you envision the stretch tent?

Stretch tent with side walls

Always able to use your stretch tent? By adding side walls, you make your stretch tent suitable for any weather.

Stretch tent special shape

Go for a unique look by installing a stretch tent in a special shape. Nothing is too outrageous for us!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The stretch tents are made of one-sided PVC-coated fabric processed with technical textiles. We have two available qualities, 550g/m2 and 740g/m2.

A stretch tent can be placed directly on the ground or on stones. If placed on a paved surface, you will need load-bearing blocks weighing 1080kg, but there may be other possibilities. In such cases, we always request a photo of the location to assess the options.

Our stretch tents are made of the best materials and remain a beautiful eye-catcher for years, provided that the materials are handled properly. You can do a few things to extend the lifespan of the tent. Our 740 g/m2 fabric can be easily cleaned with a pressure washer. It is also possible to have your tent professionally washed by us. Want to know more about washing the tents? Please contact us.

The most popular size in 2022 was 7.5 x 10 m. This tent can be set up by 2 people (on average) in less than an hour.

Assemble your stretch tent in 6 steps