A stretch tent is the perfect patio cover for café and restaurant

A stretch tent is the perfect patio cover for café and restaurant

Ideal patio cover for cafe and restaurant

Need a roof for a terrace? Think about a stretch tent. At Eurostretchtents Company we develop and produce stretch tents in all shapes, colors and sizes. The tents are easy to set up and are suitable for (semi) permanent viewing. We produce our stretch tents in our workshop in Doetinchem and we supply a rapidly growing number of catering entrepreneurs throughout Europe. Of course you can visit our workshop, call or email us for an appointment, or view some photos here.

A top quality patio cover

A patio cover must be safe and durable. That is why at Eurostretchtents we use a double-coated technical textile that we have developed ourselves and that is ideally suited for use in the catering industry. The stretch fabric is top quality and certified fireproof. The seams are not stitched with us, but are welded high-frequency. That makes them extremely sturdy. The seams are even stronger than the fabric! We offer our canvas in four types, on this page we tell you more about it, but you can always call or email us for advice.

Always buy a fire-safe patio cover

In the catering industry, safety is paramount. We are proud to say that the fabrics we use for our patio roofs all have a fire safety certificate.

One year full warranty on your stretch tent

No fuss, that is what we want. That is why we grant a one-year full warranty on your stretch tent. We have all facilities at hand, so if your stretch tent needs repair, we support you with advice and a repair service. Our state-of-the-art workshop is in The Netherlands, we can act fast and effectively.

How are you going to use your stretch tent?

Please check our gallery for numerous examples of applications for happy customers. The options are limitless. A great idea or interested in a Eurostretchtent? Request a quote! Would you rather first talk about the possibilities? Ring +31 85 3011 558 or send us an email.